Blue Flower


More than 15 years experience in the development, growth and leadership of personnel. Strong planning,


Organizational and communication skills with the ability to independently plan and direct all levels of business affairs. Pioneer innovative programs and training. Expert in analyzing existing operations and implementing the strategies, processes and technologies to improve organizational performance. Strong P&L management, project management, information technology and human resources experience. Develop and conduct effective training and education curriculum, counseling services, and development, maintenance and sustainment within appropriate programs. Uses a superior level of expertise in mapping capabilities including recruitment, military manpower management, and manpower information management in the Corp. Acts and serves as the subject matter expert responsible for conduct of organization wide planning, program oversight and administration of the designated program areas. Develops and revises policy directives, plans and operational materials for the Army Corp. Serves as the Section Head for Personal and Professional Development Programs and Policies and is a recognized expert to independently oversee day-today operations of ongoing complex programming of large scope and/or involving significant difficulty and responsibility that encompasses: mission, function, operation, activity, laws, rules and regulations authorized and funded by the Army Corp. Develops, modifies or provides input to program plans providing best of current successful projects to stimulate development and improvement of programs. Manages, leads and administers management of resources. Monitors project activities and resources to mitigate risks that can have far reaching effects on operation and/or on large groups of people.