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On the day I called, YOU ANSWERED me: made me bold with STRENGTH in my soul.  ~ Psalm 183:3


Mission Statement

In support of the Mission of Chaplaincy Services, Madison Downs Chaplaincy & Consulting, provides opportunities to develop and integrate the art and skills of spiritual care. We pride ourselves on providing direct spiritual and counseling care in the community, in a setting that is most beneficial to those who seek our service. We recognize that each client is an individual and one treatment approach does not fit everyone. We provide an integrated spiritual treatment approach for individuals in both our intensive in-home and mental health support programs. This approach focuses on the specific treatment needs of each individual person, utilizing their unique strengths and resources, while incorporating evidence based treatment interventions. Pastoral counseling is a unique form of counseling which uses spiritual resources as well as psychological understanding for healing and growth. Certified pastoral counselors are mental health professionals who have also had in-depth religious and/or theological education or training. Clinical Services are non-sectarian and respect the spiritual commitments, theological perspectives and religious traditions of those who seek assistance without imposing counselor beliefs onto the client.


What we do

Clinical Pastoral Counseling and Consulting, at Madison Downs Chaplaincy & Consulting, is interfaith professional counseling and consulting for ministry. It brings theological ministers of all faiths (pastors, priest, rabbis, imams, and others) into supervised encounter with persons in crisis through an out-reach program offered by Assemblies of Yahuah. Out of intense involvement with persons in need, and the theological reflection on specific human situations, and with the use of various therapies and treatment modalities individuals are able to rebuild their lives and stabilize family function in order to create a new sense of hope. We combine a variety of therapies in order to individually tailor treatment. We understand the challenges that life can bring and are here to assist the individual and families experience personal and emotional growth in a way that is spiritual, creative, and healing.  


About MDC&C

Madison Downs Chaplaincy & Consulting (MDC&C), a Community based outreach program offered by Assemblies of Yahuah, is devoted to improving the spiritual care of patients, families and staff involved in healthcare crisis (illness, injury, trauma, loss as well as those facing surgery and various other medical procedures), and child and family wellness through clinical pastoral counseling and consulting of clergy, laity and others interested in the religious, ethical and spiritual aspects of health care and family wellness.

 We are a group of professionals and counselors dedicated to promoting the spiritual, mental and social well-being of all who are in need. We provide treatment and spiritual services and counsel for children, adolescents, families and adults who have been diagnosed with a wide range of mental health and/or substance disorders. It is anticipated that MDC&C will become firmly established in Northern Virginia and throughout the Piedmont in five years with the potential to expand the facilities to bring in more family counselors.

  • Madison Downs, a former military chaplain, holds an undergraduate psychology degree from Carson-Newman University and a M.Div. from the School of Divinity, Howard University, Washington D.C. 


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